Our Fleet

at McConaghy Refrigerated Distribution Limited
McConaghy Refrigerated Distribution Limited’s fleet of trucks consists of mainly Scania and Volvos in addition to a DAF. The fleet includes the entire Scania R Series V8 range; the R730, R620, R580 and R520.

The first vehicle that Richard McConaghy bought and operated when he started McConaghy Refrigerated Distribution in 1997 was a Volvo FL6-12. Today, FH Series Volvos, including the FH 500 I-Shifts and FH 460 I-Shifts are the second most popular trucks in operation at McConaghy Refrigerated Distribution Limited (MRDL).

There is also a Scania P270 in addition to the R Series Scanias and a Volvo FM440 I-Shift and a DAFXF105. All trucks in MRDL’s fleet have been chosen primarily for their driveability, reliability (service life) and quality. The different engine output levels of each truck reflects the work each truck undertakes and ensures that drivers always have plenty of lugging power at their feet.

Managing Director, Richard McConaghy, who oversees the fleet renewal programme will not be drawn on what trucks he or his drivers prefer to drive. However, what is clear is that he takes pride in every truck in the fleet and ensures that truck specifications match operational needs. Richard states it is important that the fleet is as reliable as it can possibly be, as breakdowns can adversely influence the level of service he can provide to valued customers. Whilst even the best maintenance programmes cannot prevent any breakdowns whatsoever, having the best dealer maintenance contracts in place certainly makes it easier when they do occur.

Richard is proud of the quality and appearance of every truck in the fleet and ensures that every one of his skilled drivers have cabs which provide an effective working environment when they are behind the wheel, and a homely and comfortable environment when spending nights away from home or taking a well-earned break/rest.

The trophy cabinet at MRDL reflects that MRDL staff and vehicles often pick up awards when appearing at charity truck shows. Whilst any resulting trophies and the fun in taking part are welcomed, the money raised for very worthwhile charities is what is cherished most by everyone at MRDL.