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Managing Director

Richard McConaghy

Richard uses his wealth of experience in the storage and distribution of chilled, frozen and ambient foods to lead his dedicated team; ensuring that every customer gets the premium service they deserve.

He takes pride in his team, the site and the modern fleet of vehicles and trailers. He oversees the continuous renewal programme of the vehicle fleet and ensures that the maximum use of technology is applied to improve the traceability of all consignments and to augment food and road safety.

Richard makes sure his team have the necessary resources to meet customers' needs and is likely to be the one who quotes for any new work.

Email: richard@mcconaghys.co.uk


Jacki McConaghy

Jacki, Richard's wife, plays a pivotal role in the business. She has excellent communication skills, attention to detail, and a great understanding of customers’ needs and knowledge of the bespoke invoicing/POD scanning system.

Jacki takes ownership of any customer service issues and ensures that any invoicing and/or POD queries are concluded expeditiously. Jacki has a great breadth of knowledge and is always alert to what is going on across the entire scope of operations. Please don’t hesitate to contact her to progress any queries you may have.

Email: jacki@mcconaghys.co.uk

Business Support

Lauren McConaghy

Lauren, Richard and Jacki's daughter, is nearing the completion of an undergraduate degree. Whilst at university she has gained substantial customer service experience whilst working part time in a customer service role for a major retailer. She continues to help out in the family business during very busy periods and is taking a more hands on approach in the business as her graduation date draws closer.

You may be communicating with Lauren as she undertakes a structured development programme which will see her working in different areas of the business, including accounts, compliance and post graduate study. Lauren strives to exceed customers' expectations.

Compliance Manager

Michael Armstrong

Michael's wealth of experience in Compliance, Quality Management Systems and BRC standards ensures McConaghy Refrigerated Distribution Ltd excels in food safety and remains on the BRC unannounced audit scheme. He makes certain that our modern fleet of tractor units and trailers are maintained in accordance with best practice and legal requirements. He oversees the fuel efficient driving initiative to ensure that the carbon footprint of our modern fleet is as low as possible.

Michael will be your point of contact for any compliance information, a fridge download, to confirm traceability or if you want a tour of our purpose built site. Never compromising on compliance - food, vehicle or site safety - is what he does.

Email: michael@mcconaghys.co.uk

Accounts Manager

Jennifer Groocock

Jennifer is a valued member of the team with a wealth of experience in accounts management.

With a predominantly legal book keeping background, Jennifer's extensive knowledge incorporates credit control, client and office accounts, import and export management, property management, all through to production of final accounts.

For any financial information, either for customers or suppliers, Jennifer will be your contact and will deal with your matter both efficiently and professionally.

Email: jennifer@mcconaghys.co.uk

Logistics Support / Traffic Planner

Conor Spence

Conor Spence is the latest member of the team, securing the position of Traffic Planner. He took up this postition on successful completion of McConaghy Refrigerated Distribution Limited's two year development programme.

During this programme Conor attended food safety training, driver training and gained valuable experience across the entire scope of operations. He is a hugely important part of the support team and you are likely to be communicating with him if you have any queries in relation to your consignments or cross docking.

Email: conor@mcconaghys.co.uk

The Future of the business

Gavin McConaghy

Gavin, Richard and Jacki's son, gained a wealth of experience whilst helping his father from a very early age. He could be found washing lorries, helping the mechanic, loading/unloading lorries or out on runs when he wasn't at school.

He joined the business on a full time basis straight from school and was put through a 2 year development programme. This saw him complete food safety training, forklift driver training in addition to gaining valuable experience across the entire scope of operations. The development programme concluded with him gaining his C + E licence within months of his 18th birthday.

Gavin is a hugely valuable asset to the driving team, prides himself on his knowledge of the UK's and Ireland's road network and works his socks off to make sure every collection and delivery is on time. He helps his father out in the day to day running of the business when not out on the road and shows clear potential as a future transport operator.

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